Know Your Rights If You’re A Victim of Animal Attacks

By Howard Chappell,

Know Your Rights If You’re A Victim of Animal Attacks | Chappell Law Group

Animal attacks are traumatic events that can leave the victim scared, confused, and unsure about their rights. Most every state has a version of a leash law, which requires dogs to be on a leash in public areas. These leash laws are sometimes categorized as “roaming at large” laws stating that all dogs must be restrained by a specific method including: dog leash, fencing, in a building, tethered with a chain/rope/cable, cage or crate, and or other secure enclosures to contain the dog. In addition to leash laws, some cities have established dangerous dog laws. Dangerous dog laws vary widely and are also breed specific. Our fellow residents in Lee County must have their dog(s) under control via leash, and they shall not present threatening or menacing behavior. All of these laws differ from county to county, and state to state.

While legal advice can help you post attack, there are things you can do to proactively lower your risk of being attacked.

  • Do not run from the dog screaming, running will agitate or excite the dog and cause it to run after you and bite.
  • Face the dog, but do not stare it in the eyes as this is perceived as a sign of aggression.
  • If the dog does approach you with obvious signs of the intent to attack, use any object you can to put between you and the dog – such as book bags, a bike, sticks, or anything that can create distance.

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