Landlord Negligence?

By Howard Chappell,

Landlord Negligence? | Chappell Law Group

Rental properties in Southwest Florida is big business, some short term, and others long term. So what happens if you’re hurt on the premises of a rented property? The first step is to identify and record all pertinent information relating to the incident. From there, it has to be determined that the person’s failure to act, or their refusal to act resulted in the injury of yourself or a significant other. So as an injured person can you show that the property owner owed a service to you in the way of preventable maintenance? Was the owner notified of these issues? These are absolutely vital pieces of information to take any actions in an attempt to recoup any losses you may have endured. One piece of information that many overlook is that the location of where the injury occurred is of the utmost importance. In many cases and incidents, once you enter the dwelling being rented, the landlord’s negligence is much harder to prove. Are these injuries a result of an easily fixed problem that could have been performed by the renter? Or was it a bigger issue that has to be performed by a professional? All of these questions should be and will be asked during a consultation with us. If you have the unfortunate experience of being in this situation, give us a call to schedule a consultation! (239)337-9875