Finding An Accident Lawyer in Fort Myers You Can Trust

Every accident is different. Whether a slip and fall, a dog bite, a boating accident, or a car crash, each incident is unique and has its own story.

But what they all have in common is the distress they can cause you and your family. Dealing with insurance companies, seeking damages, and trying to make ends meet is overwhelming, and these periods can be hard on you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s important you find an attorney you can trust.

Accidents in Florida

It’s estimated that fall related injuries alone cost Florida nearly $4 billion in 2012. There are around half a million car crashes every year in the state, as well as over 700 boating accidents. Accidents happen, and when they do you need a trusted attorney who will fight for you, making sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

A Lawyer Who’s Got Your Back

A Fort Myers accident lawyer with over a decade of experience, Attorney Howard Chappell is well served to help you and your family no matter the nature of your injury. Every accident is different, which means every case is different. Mr. Chappell works with you to understand your specific incident, and then brings his experience to bear on your case, crafting a legal strategy that meets your particular needs. It can often be hard to think straight in the days following an accident. That’s why we work for you, helping you file claims and seek damages. Let us take over for you as you rest and recover.

A Claim is not Enough

Just because you’re insured doesn’t mean you’ll receive what you are owed. Insurance companies often take advantage of your situation by offering you less than you are entitled to, and adjusters cut payments without considering the severity of your injuries. Let the Chappell Law Group handle the insurers, so that you can get back to your life.

Working Together

Our experience has taught us that the only way to serve a client is to engage with them one-on-one. We don’t offer pre-packaged and mass-marketed solutions because we don’t believe they are effective. Instead, we work with you directly to understand your incident and help you receive the reimbursement you are owed. As a Fort Myers accident lawyer, Mr. Chappell is deeply committed to building relationships with his clients in Southwest Florida.

The Consultation is on Us

Finding trustworthy legal representation can be difficult, and we know that committing to a firm is a big step. That’s why we offer a free consultation. We’ll discuss your situation and the legal strategy that we believe best addresses your needs. If you are unable to make it to our office, Mr. Chappell is happy to come to you. Give us a call, and take the first step towards getting your life back under control.