Risk Reduction

By Howard Chappell,

Risk Reduction | Chappell Law Group

Roughly 1.3 million individuals are killed as a result from car accidents every year. What can you do, as a driver, to reduce the possibility of this happening? Florida offers defensive driving courses, which teach you about traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and how to share the road with other things that may cross your path (motorcycles, semi’s, bicycles, and pedestrians). If you have a traffic violation, and it’s severe enough, you may be forced to take the defensive driving course. So why would you volunteer to take these courses? To reduce your chances of an accident and to save money! In Florida if you voluntarily take a defensive driving course most insurance companies will offer a monthly discount. Some schools also have tiered courses so you can advance your skills beyond that of basic know how. There is no such thing as learning too much, this additional knowledge will make you, your family, and your friends much safer on the road; you can’t put a price on the safety of yourself and those whom you care greatly about. Here is a link to all qualified driving courses in Florida.