Tips on Traveling Safe

By Howard Chappell,

Tips on Traveling Safe | Chappell Law Group
  • Don’t drive drunk or buzzed: It seems like an obvious one, but roughly 20% of all traffic fatalities are the result of impaired driving. Being aware of those around you on the road during peak alcohol consumption hours is always wise.
  • Slow down!: For every mile over the speed limit you go, your risk to a serious crash increases exponentially. The amount of time you’ll save by speeding is negligible when compared to the increase in risk involved.
  • Put down the distractions: Distracted driving is as dangerous as driving under the influence – when your eyes aren’t on the road you will not see upcoming objects; therefore you will not have a chance to react.
  • Tired driving is dangerous driving: Don’t drive if you are tired! Perhaps you’ve had a long day at work, you’re leaving an event that goes late, or you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Falling asleep at the wheel almost guarantees an accident of which is easily avoidable by staying where you are and sleeping. A 15-minute cat nap does wonders!
  • Seatbelts!: Seatbelts are probably the easiest way to add a layer of safety to your journey. Every car has them, they’re truly not a hassle or uncomfortable. Even if it is uncomfortable, its more comfortable than it is to fly through a windshield when you’re ejected from the car during a crash!
  • Think about conditions: Is it foggy? Is it raining hard? Is it exceptionally windy? Southwest Florida experiences extreme weather (hurricanes). If there is the slightest impairment to vision as a result of nature, turn your headlights on! Not for you to see, but so others see you. Watch semis and other top heavy vehicles while driving during windy conditions.