Tips to Working with an Attorney after a Slip and Fall

By Howard Chappell,

Tips to Working with an Attorney after a Slip and Fall | Chappell Law Group

Falling can be a traumatic experience; slip and fall injuries can leave you with physical injuries as well as emotional scars. People can feel ashamed or very self-conscious after being involved in a slip and fall in Southwest Florida, but they should not let the situation keep them from pursuing legal help if it is thought to be warranted. Just because you fall, it does not mean you are at fault for the situation; there are many other factors that play in to a slip and fall situation, and a personal injury attorney will be able to help you sift through the details to determine if you can be rewarded with monetary compensation.

Schedule a Consultation

When you meet with an attorney after a slip and fall in Southwest Florida, you should ask this professional a number of questions in order to get a good feel for how he or she operates and interacts with clients. Before scheduling a consultation, ask if there will be a charge for the meeting; many lawyers do not charge for this, but be aware that you may come across a few who do.

Interview the Lawyer

While you are talking with the legal professional, ask them about the practice areas in which they focus their work and their experience working with cases similar to yours. Also try to gather as much information as possible about how he or she will handle your particular case; ask how long will it take, how much will it cost, and what your options are. By sitting down and discussing all of the details with your lawyer, you will help avoid any surprises later on. You are the one paying the money, so you want to be sure you are receiving the right kind of assistance.

Get References

Also be sure to research the attorney with whom you are working; be sure they have a good reputation. Ask family or friends if they have heard anything about the legal professional, and try to get as many references as possible about the kind of work they do.