Traumatic Brain Injuries are Very Real!

By Howard Chappell,

Traumatic Brain Injuries are Very Real! | Chappell Law Group

Although in the past few years Traumatic Brain Injuries have been getting more exposure and mainstream, they’re still perceived as less important in comparison to other injuries. This fact alone causes those whom experience a TBI more likely to not bring it up and fail to seek out help. Headaches, nausea, memory loss, confusion, and vision issues are the most common symptoms directly after injury – most don’t know that there are also long-term side effects of brain injury; these side effects in the long term can be memory retention deficiency, headaches, and attention deficiency (A.D.D.). When injured on the job, or due to someone’s negligence is of extreme importance that you seek out treatment and take the accident seriously. After all, refusing to get treatment hurts you in the long term! Continued cognitive instability could cost you your job, impact your decision-making, and your overall happiness in life. The best course of action, if this happened on the job, is to notify your employer and seek out medical help as soon as possible. Your employer should cover treatment if the injury happened while working, and if your treatment coverage is being disputed you should contact us immediately. OSHA was put in place to, “assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women.” When these regulations are not met and it results in an injury, you should seek legal council to better understand your rights and options available to you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation! (239) 337-9875