When do you have a wrongful death case?

By Howard Chappell,

Wrongful deaths are constrained to no one specific situation – they can happen with vehicles, workplace accidents, medical procedures, or even traumatic brain injuries. One of the most startling is medical malpractice, which happens at nearly a rate of 192,000 incidents per year resulting in wrongful death. When do you have a case? Well, according to West’s Encyclopedia of American Law states, “the plaintiff must prove to a judge or jury that the “acts of omissions of the defendant were the proximate cause of the deceased person’s death.” What this is saying essentially is that you must prove the doctors direct actions, or indirect actions resulted in the death of the plaintiffs loved one. Keep in mind that some states have a statute of limitations limiting lawsuits to a specific time period before they become invalid. So, we understand with any death of someone close to you is heartbreaking and you’re undoubtedly experiencing significant amounts of grief, but it is important to get a hold of us as soon as you’re able to. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. 239-337-9875